Who We Are

We are a group of people of various ages and backgrounds who are working together to sincerely see people’s lives transformed by Jesus Christ as we develop on-going relationships with each other.  We believe relationships are vitally important to helping people navigate the issues of faith and everyday life. We believe the church is a great place to experience both.  

What We Value

Northside Baptist Church focusses its ministry and operations around five basic values that drives much of what we do as a church.
We value relationships:  We are meant to live in relationship to God and to each other.  We are better together than apart.

We value generosity:  Jesus was a giver.  He gave His life.  We believe as followers of Jesus we should also live with a sense of generosity.  We should be giving away our lives and our resources in a variety of ways to help each other.

We value compassion:  Compassion is what moves the heart of God and we believe it should move the heart of his people.  We believe compassion is more than feeling sorry for someone or hurting with them.  We believe compassion should move us to do something about a person’s situation in whatever way we can.
We value service:  Service is compassion on wheels.  We believe as Christ followers we should serve one another in the body of Christ but that we should also find ways to serve our world outside of church walls.

We value biblical authority:  We believe God’s Word is our rule book for all that we do.  The Bible is not simply meant to inform us.  It is meant to transform us.  We strive to teach the Bible accurately as well as to live out the Bible authentically.

Our Strategy

Northside Baptist Church has a four-step strategy to help people become transformed by Jesus Christ as well as developing on-gong relationships with each other.
Engage in worship
Grow through Bible study
Connect through fellowship and mission
Serve others through ministry

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